About us

About Us

Who are we?

WikiEXPO is built through the authoritative financial information vertical media platform, and has become an international offline exhibition brand in the financial industry, and has been in a leading position in this field for a long time. WikiEXPO is a professional knowledge-sharing and business communication platform for project owners, investors, and practitioners. It provides thousands of cooperation opportunities for more than 10,000 investors and hundreds of project parties every year.

What do we offer?

On the one hand, WikiEXPO takes advantage of the information resources of the financial information media platform to select exhibitors in its global database with full qualifications, strong supervision, long working hours, and good user reputation and provides investors with a relatively safe investment environment. On the other hand, each exhibition will invite top practitioners in the industry to provide investors with opportunities to share knowledge such as financial industry trading skills, financial market trends, and international policy interpretation.

What is our duty?

By regularly holding exhibitions around the world, we can promote knowledge sharing in the industry, establish a relatively safe investment environment for investors, and increase the vitality of the industry. Our vision is to create a global, reliable and high-quality offline exhibition brand in the financial industry.

Exhibition features

Exhibition Features

  • reliable

    The exhibitors of each WikiEXPO are trustworthy brokers that are selected through the authoritative financial information media platform database under the comprehensive evaluation of multiple factors such as qualifications, supervision, and user reputation, breaking the trust crisis of investors.

  • High interaction

    Investors can sign up for the "Rookie Lecturer" session on the WikiEXPO official website. After passing the review, one investor will have the opportunity to share his trading experience at the exhibition.

  • High quality

    WikiEXPO, as an international offline exhibition brand in the financial industry, has absorbed different investment issues from investors in different countries and regions, and invited top practitioners in the industry to communicate and share with investors at the exhibition in response to their feedback, and helped hundreds of thousands of investors solve many investment problems through the exhibition.

  • More welfare

    Each WikiEXPO exhibition is held in a local five-star hotel, and participants can enjoy free lunch and tea breaks, as well as a beautiful gift. In addition, each exhibition will have a lottery session, and the grand prize will be presented with a mobile phone worth 10,000 CNY. A special award is also set up, and the award-winning can be invited to follow WikiEXPO to the next city to participate in the exhibition, and WikiEXPO will be responsible for the entire travel expenses.

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