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WikiEXPO’s Statement on Misappropriation of Brand

Dear Friends and Partners:
WikiEXPO would like to issue a statement to explain and clarify the misappropriation of our brand. We understand the importance and value of the brand, which represents the trust and reputation we have built up in the industry over the years. However, we regret to discover that recently some criminals have misused our brand including trademark and logo without our authorization. And they even used the brand to build illegal platforms like Ponzi Scheme in the blockchain industry, as well as to launch airdrops recently in the name of WikiEXPO. We are very indignant and disappointed about this infringement.
We hereby solemnly declare that we are in no way associated with these misappropriations. At meantime, WikiEXPO does not engage in any trading practices. So if you want to check the authenticity of a project platform, please visit wikibit.com to ensure the safety of your funds. We are astonished by the serious illegal behaviors and will take all necessary legal measures to protect our legal rights.
Founded by authoritative financial vertical news media, WikiEXPO has become an international offline exhibition brand, playing a leading role in the industry for a long time. WikiEXPO has created a professional knowledge sharing and business exchange platform for project owners, investors and practitioners, providing more than thousands of cooperative opportunities for around tens of thousands of investors and hundreds of project platforms.
WikiEXPO screens exhibitors which have full qualifications, strong supervision, long business running time and user’s high praise in its global database by giving full play to the advantages of information resources of financial information media, and provides investors with good investment opportunities by establishing a relatively safe investment environment. On the other hand, WikiEXPO will invite top practitioners in the industry to offer investors opportunities to share financial trading skills, market trends, international policy interpretation, etc.
WikiEXPO is committed to promoting knowledge sharing in the industry, establishing a relatively safe investment environment for investors, and injecting impetus into the industry by organizing regular financial exhibitions worldwide. Our vision is to build a global, trustworthy, and high-quality offline exhibition brand in financial industry.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to friends and partners in the industry for the continued support and understanding of our brand, and sincerely apologize to our partners and consumers for the inconvenience caused. And We will take all measures to restore our brand image and ensure the trust and satisfaction of our consumers and partners.
Finally, we once again emphasize that we have nothing to do with the misuse of brand and strongly condemn this infringement. And we are very grateful for your continued support and trust.
Date: June 1st, 2023
Official Email:fxeye001@outlook.com
License or other information error correction, please send the information to:qawikifx@gmail.com
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