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The WIKI FINANCE EXPO HONG KONG 2024 Concludes Successfully

WikiEXPO 2024-05-21 09:47

Early summer in Hong Kong saw the sun shining over the sparkling waters of Victoria Harbour, much like the bright ideas shaping the future of the financial industry. Today (May 17), the highly anticipated financial event, The WIKI FINANCE EXPO HONG KONG 2024 concluded successfully at SKY 100 in ICC, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Organized by WikiGlobal, this financial technology extravaganza gathered top figures from the global financial sector to explore the development and future trends of financial technology.

Distinguished Guests Gather to Celebrate a Grand Event

By 8 AM, the International Commerce Centre was bustling with attendees. Accompanied by soothing music, financial professionals, tech innovators, and regulatory authorities from around the world gathered, signing in and taking photos. This EXPO, themed “Financial Technology,” featured over 300 exhibitors covering diverse areas such as regulatory compliance, forex, payments, blockchain, cryptocurrency investment, the metaverse, NFTs, GameFi, and AI, drawing more than 3,000 professionals to the event.

The lineup of guests was impressive. Notable attendees included Emomotimi Agama, Chairman of the Nigerian SEC and Dean of the Capital Market Institute; Keron Burrell, Executive Director of the Jamaican Financial Services Commission, and Loretta Joseph, Chair of the International Digital Asset Exchange Association and the Australian Digital Finance Standards Council. Cryptocurrency leaders like Justin Sun, Kevin Lee, and Cynthia Lo, Head of the Ecosystem at Huobi, also attended, adding more dynamism to the cryptocurrency sector. Representatives from well-known forex platforms and investment companies, such as Roiee Cheng of HTFX and Jameel Ahmad of GTX, also made appearances, bringing fresh insights to the forex market.


Summit Kickoff: Expert Speeches Push the Expo to its Peak

The 2024 Wiki Finance EXPO Hong Kong Financial Summit kicked off right at 9 a.m. local time. Loretta Joseph, the Commonwealth Policy Advisor and Chair of ADFSAC, was the first to take the stage, delivering a speech on “Harmonised global regulatory and legal fromeworks for VASP's,” diving into the discussion on global regulatory policies.

Following this, a panel discussion featuring Keron Burrell, Executive Director of the Jamaican Financial Services Commission (FSC), Gayle Mary Jane Yerriah, Commissioner of the Mauritius Financial Services Commission, and Loretta Joseph focused on “The Importance of Digital Assets,” calling for strengthened regulation and international cooperation to ensure the healthy development of the digital asset market.



Gathering of Fintech Pioneer Views

The WIKI FINANCE EXPO HONG KONG 2024, hosted by WikiGlobal, brought together numerous authoritative experts and industry leaders in cutting-edge fields such as digital assets, blockchain, Web 3.0, and the metaverse to discuss innovation and development in financial technology. The summit showcased the latest industry dynamics and injected new vitality into the fintech sector.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, discussed the endless opportunities in the Web 3.0 era under the theme “A New Era of Web 3.0: Innovation and Collaboration Breaking Boundaries.” Tony Fu, co-founder of NFT China, and others revealed new investment logic for investors during a discussion on “New Trends and Strategies in Risk Financing in the Web 3.0 Era.” Laurent Koehler, Co-Chair of the Hong Kong Fintech Association's Web3 and Blockchain Committee, and others outlined the compliance development path for crypto assets in Hong Kong. Insights from Dr. Florian M. Spiegl and Cynthia Lo on “The Future of Decentralization and Blockchain Innovation in Finance” highlighted the enormous potential of blockchain technology in financial innovation.


The forex market, a core component of financial markets, also received widespread attention at the summit. The Head of Asia Investment Education at HTFX analyzed “The Mysterious Forces and Market Predictions Driving Investment Trends in 2024,” providing valuable guidance for investors. The Chief Analyst at GTC Capital offered insights in a speech d “Global Investment Outlook for Q2 2024: Is Gold Overbought?” giving investors valuable references.



Awards Ceremony Honors Industry Elites, Live Broadcasts Reach Millions

The summit also featured an awards ceremony to honor industry elites for their outstanding achievements, reflecting unlimited expectations and hopes for future development. The WIKI FINANCE EXPO HONG KONG 2024 offered an all-day online live broadcast, providing convenient access for industry participants worldwide. Even if you can't get to the scene, you can still participate. As of the end of the EXPO, online broadcasts attracted 1,373,305 viewers from around the world to watch.


Looking Ahead, Fintech Leads Change

The EXPO hosted by WikiGlobal, was supported by brands like WikiFX, WikiBit, WikiTrade and WikiStock, along with the Australian Society for Computers and Law (AUSCL) and the Financial Services Institute (FSI) of Mauritius. Sponsors included renowned brands such as Exness, HTFX, GTC, and Vtmarkets, with over 200 partners spanning digital asset exchanges, the metaverse, Web 3.0, fintech, and payments. The summit garnered extensive media coverage, with nearly 300 global authoritative media outlets, including Investing.com, Jinse Finance, and FX168 Finance, reporting on the event.

The successful hosting of the WIKI FINANCE EXPO HONG KONG 2024 not only provided a platform for communication and collaboration in the fintech industry but also showcased the limitless potential of the fintech sector. Amid the wave of the digital economy, fintech has become a core driving force for innovation and transformation in the financial industry, with unprecedented vitality and dynamism emerging globally, continually spawning new business models, cutting-edge technology applications, and diverse financial services.

WikiEXPO will host more events in the near future, bringing more insights and opportunities to the global financial community. WikiGlobal extends sincere thanks to all participants and looks forward to shaping the future of fintech together!

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